IRS notice response tips everyone should know

irs letter 4800c

You must respond within 30 days from the date of this letter, or the proposed changes will be made to your account changing the amount of your refund. I responded to the IRS via USPS certified mail explaining my calculations. The letter also included a notation that I was sending my comments regarding the matter of handling of the return to my U.S. Within a few weeks, I received a response that the IRS had received my response and was giving themselves 90 days to review the matter. The IRS letter went on to explain that if they cannot resolve the matter within 90 days, they will send another letter with when they expect to complete the review.

In some cases, though, it cannot extend the deadline. For example, when taxpayers receive a Notice of Deficiency (90-day letter), they must file in Tax Court within 90 days, and this date cannot be extended because it is statutory. However, rules for most other notices are less strict. Taxpayers who ask the IRS for extensions should confirm the IRS’s response in writing, and keep a copy. In fact, taxpayers should confirm everything they do with the IRS in writing. Yet exactly how much taxpayers owe, and on exactly how much, is famously complex.

Letter 4800 C,

The taxpayer may have been using tax withholding as a savings account. Or, he might have expected his annual income to be four times as great, but then was not employed for nine months. The first will usually just acknowledge your letter and say that they will respond in due course. For lots more about IRS bills and Notices, seeIRS Publication 594, The IRS Collection Process.

irs letter 4800c

But the three years is doubled in a number of cases. For example, the IRS gets six years if a taxpayer omitted 25% or more of income reported on the return. Sometimes, disputing something small can end up triggering other issues that might have best been left alone. But in most cases, taxpayers who get a bill for additional taxes should preserve their rights. Taxpayers can contest many IRS tax bills, although there are times when it is wiser not to. When taxpayers disagree with the IRS, procedure is important.

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My Dad died that year and the IRS mistakenly killed off my Mom instead of my Dad. And yet it comes back every year in one way or another. They said they would place ttps:// a reminder on the issue which would prod the people holding it up to act on it and they had 30 days to act on it. I have not received the promised 4800C letter yet.

  • The IRS letter went on to explain that if they cannot resolve the matter within 90 days, they will send another letter with when they expect to complete the review.
  • However, the IRS officials explain the reasons for the delays are due to the backlog.
  • They entered appearances on behalf of petitioner husband for purposes of arguing the motion before us, and we are thankful for their pro bono service.
  • There are exceptions to this rule, but relatively few.
  • Usually the notice will ask the taxpayer to sign the form and mail it back if he or she agrees.
  • Low Income Taxpayer Clinics are independent from the IRS and TAS.

Taxpayers can call witnesses, and many cases are presented based on a “stipulated record,” in which the taxpayer and the government agree on certain facts. I had somebody on the phone that was competent and knew what needed to be done. Instead, I responded to them saying I didn’t agree and sent them supporting documentation showing the transactions with my costs, etc. If I knew better at the time, I would have sent an updated schedule D instead of the transactions and quite possibly saved myself a lot of pain. After 14 weeks or so we still had not seen the refund.


Remember when the IRS delayed the refunds for all the “Special Needs” adoption credits? The IRS delayed the processing of their return for several months. I find it disturbing that taxpayers have a limited amount of time to respond, while the IRS can drag the review process for months and years …. This notice means that the IRS is seeking additional information about some of the details on your tax return. Most of the time it is related to the Earned Income Tax Credit and is requesting proof related to it. This notice can also be requesting more information about the American Opportunity Tax Credit , the Premium Tax Credit , or the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit.

irs letter 4800c

Have a copy of your tax return and the IRS correspondence handy when you call. You may be in for a long wait irs letter 4800c on the telephone. Be careful, and make sure you want to agree rather than contest the notice or issue.

The IRS posted online today that their processing of tax returns is going to be slow for 2021, and asked for everyone to try and file their returns earlier than normal this year. The IRS sends different notices of deficiency to taxpayers depending on their situation. A business and a person would receive different types of notices, for example. Letter 4800C is mailed to taxpayers informing them that the IRS is proposing a deficiency or disallowing a claim for refund or a credit for a subsequent period’s estimated tax.

Why did the IRS just send me a letter?

The IRS sends notices and letters for the following reasons: You have a balance due. You are due a larger or smaller refund. We have a question about your tax return.

Originally IRS wanted actual expenses on the 1098-T but the colleges complained too much work, so IRS accepted billednot paid on the 1098-T. So it seems the IRS is sticking it to the colleges now which means us and the taxpayer will be the stuckees. If all the items are the same in the filed copy and online it is likely an additional tax from Schedule 2 to the 1040.